5 Lesser Known Facts About Shakira I Bet You Didn’t Know


Singer, dancer, model, choreographer, Shakira is all things in one beautiful package. Despite being a world famous personality there are a few teeny – meeny things that still aren’t known to everybody. We’ll being you five of the many lesser known facts about Shakky, and yes, you can trust us because our hips don’t lie!

1. She Sneaked Out to Attend College!

After she wrapped up her tour in 2005 Shakira secretly attended a college course in the University of California, Los Angeles. In order to keep her identity under wraps she dressed as a tom boy and introduced herself by her middle name, Isabel. Let’s be real, even in guy’s clothes she must have looked like a goddess!

2. She Was Rejected in School

Whilst in high school Shakira was rejected in joining the choir because her music teacher thought she sounded like a goat. The tables have turned now, music teacher!

3. Her Killer Latin Hip Action is Genetic

Believe it or not, it started with her Lebanese grandmother who taught her to belly dance in order to pay homage to her middle eastern roots. Well done, Grandma!

4. She Shares The Same Birthday With Her Partner!

Shakira and her beau met when he appeared in her ‘Waka Waka’ music video for the 2010 World Cup song. This studly Spanish footballer, Gerard Pique is exactly 10 years younger to her. They share the same birthday of February 2nd, isn’t it cute ?

5. Her Little Appearance In Disney

Speaking of people younger than her, did you know that she did a duo with Selena Gomez for Disney’s ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ back in 2010 ?

Did you knew any of these ? Let us know.

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