5 #Pepping Ponytail Styles That are Trendy


Making a ponytail has always been in trend. With the change in fashion, different ponytail styles have come up. Ponytails are the most formal type of hairstyle.There are many styles that can be done with a ponytail.

Check out these styles :

1. The Puffy Ponytail

Puff is the new ‘in’. Girls wear a puff on the front side and the rest of the hair is tied in a casual way. This gives a bold and fierce look. The puffy hairstyle also make a girl look neat and tidy. Best for a formal day.

2. The Textured Ponytail

This hairstyle is more about texture of the hair. Mostly girls with thick hair prefer this type of hairstyle. Hair accessories can be used in this type of hairstyle. A bow along with the ponytail just gives a perfect finish to this style. Even a ribbon can be used to make hair look gorgeous.

3. The Messy Ponytail

This hairstyle looks chic and classy. There can be variations in hair in this type of style. Ponytails can be high or low, or it can be a side one too. A low messy ponytail looks more beautiful. Messy ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles which doesn’t take much time.

4. The Off-Side Ponytail

The off-side pony is just very beautiful. Strands of hair can be put out in the front and then this pony can be tied at the sides. This hairstyle goes well with either dresses or jeans. This hairstyle makes a girl look sophisticated. This type is preferred by most girls.

5. The Twisted Ponytail

This hairstyle can be done using knots to tie hair. This hairstyle suits most in up-dos or top knots. Mostly hair gels are used to keep hair in shape. Twisted pony looks good from back and it is not that hard to try it on.

Ponytails are easy to do and can be tried by everyone. These are some of the ponytail hairstyles that can be tried out for a different hairstyle look.

Which one is your favorite?

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