5 Reasons Why Alan Rickman will Always be Remembered


The face that comes into mind when one talk about Professor Snape has taken his last breath on 14th January owing to cancer. Here, we give a small tribute to this brave man and list out 5 things which he will always be remembered for.

1. He was Mysterious

Even till the end of the Harry Potter series he kept us guessing what he is all about. And then he became the most admirable character for us potter-heads.

2. He was Down to Earth

He never bought into fandom no matter how big a name he became. He kept rooted to the ground with several amazing works.

3. His Unconventional Looks

One cannot deny that he made those black robes look good. Vanity is lost on Snape – hooked nose and greasy hair are all part of his charm.

4. He had Many Layers

The actor has performed various roles with the same intensity and has managed to be applauded every time. But still we love Snape the most.

5. He was Alan Rickman

The man has a slow, methodical way of speaking that just makes everything he says sound thought-out and authoritative which leaves us wanting for more.

Magnificent and wonderful are the two words that correctly define this brave man. RIP ALAN RICKMAN! We will always love you.

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