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Long-distance relationships suck. At best, it’s like kissing a computer screen. At worst, its hours and hours of miscommunication and missed chances. Thankfully, not all long-distance relationships fail- and here are some tips from those who’ve been there and succeeded.

1. Communicate. Constantly.

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He won’t know about what happened in class, how good the food was or what your best friend did until you tell him. She won’t know about the test, or how drunk you got, or which concert you went to until you tell her. Whatsapp. Skype. Make sure you communicate in some way every day.¬†

2. Get better at arguing

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This time, you can’t hug your significant other or show up at their house to apologise and make everything OK. Remember what they told you in class 1? Fight fair. No name-calling, insulting or manipulation, please.

3. Remember to take care of yourself

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It can be exhausting, try to maintain intimacy when you’re separated¬† by so much distance. Don’t get obsessive, replying to every facebook post or every profile picture. Maintain separate interests and remember to have fun..and remember to instagram the chocolate cake you had before Snapchatting it to your Significant Other.

4. Set ground rules

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Set a specific time to catch up. Plan romantic dates, like watching romantic movies together or playing a game together via Skype. This time is important, because it will help stabilise the relationship.

5. Get Creative

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Post letters! Knit scarves! Send things your partner is missing from home! Make a online photo-diary! Create a video! Since you can’t meet face-to-face, show your love for each other creatively. They will appreciate it.

6. Accept loneliness, jealousy, and resentment

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There will be days where you will be lonely. Days where your partner will be off partying with close friends and you’ll get jealous. Days where you’ll feel resentful because your partner isn’t replying and it’s like they couldn’t be bothered to make the effort. It’s OK. Relax. As long as you communicate this with your partner and reach a happy solution, your relationship is fine.

8. Talk about your future together

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Have an end-goal. A long-distance relationship is a temporary solution, not a permanent state. When will you meet again?  Are you planning to live together, or near each other at some point? How serious are you about the relationship? These are important questions.

9. Stay positive and motivated

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Focus on the good things. Yes, you’re far away but you still have each other’s support and love. There’s someone on your side, even though they’re far away.

10. Trust each other.

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This is the most important. Trust that they won’t cheat or abandon you. Trust that you’ll be there for each other. Trust that the relationship makes you happy. You’ll automatically feel better.

Have YOU ever experienced a long-distance relationship? How did it go?

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